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Humanizing Disruptions in IBPAP HR Summit

Infotech Disruptions, Outsourcing Converge in Human Resources Gab   TeleDevelopment, IT-BPM Partners Gear Up for IBPAP HR Summit 2017   MANILA, 11 August 2017 — Technological and digital disruptions facing […]

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Mobile Recruitment: Luring Talents in the Techie Age

Mobile Recruits: How to Magnet Top Talents in Tech-Savvy Market   MANILA, 4 August 2017 — The rapid rise of cellphone and smartphone use, primarily among the younger tech-savvy crowd, has further […]

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Talent Branding: Marketing meets Employer Branding

Talent Branding: A Mixture of Marketing, Employer Branding and Talent Acquisition   MANILA, 27 July 2017 — You’ve already heard about marketing. You may even know the difference between corporate […]

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