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What kind of leader are you?

You have been a supervisor for many years now and climbing up that ladder seems to be an illustrious dream. You, however, need to wake up because the corporate world […]

Medical Coders of TDS – Batch 4 2016

Career growth, career shift, and of course a greener pasture – these are among the reasons stated by the current batch of medical coding trainees when asked about why they […]

trump IT-BPM

The IT-BPM Industry’s Reaction to Trump

Anxiety and distraught escalate among the non-white population as they fear for their safety and jobs. As evident with the ruckus on the World Wide Web, tweets and messages convey […]

community of experts

Building Blocks of a Community of Experts in the Philippines (Part 1of 9)

The Philippines’ continue to be a choice of destination for companies that are looking to leverage on labor arbitrage. Redefining COE Long was the time when COE – or Centers […]

Choosing the Best Market Entry Option

Market Entry is a critical component in strategizing which involves a great deal of market research in addition to target customers. Therefore, you’ll want to develop an in-depth understanding of market […]

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