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Reasons Why You Should Join Our Online Job Fair

Find nationwide talents in just one place. With the convenience of Online Job Fairs, companies can access the most qualified and interested candidates from varied places across the regions. It […]

5 Signs That You Have to Join Our Online Job Fair

You are looking for the best tech-savvy talents. Ahead of other virtual career fairs, Online Job Fairs make it easier for companies to hire the right job candidate. Hence, these […]

The New Wandering Mind

The restless, new wandering mind of today’s learner thrives on the challenges of navigating a ship through a confusing sea of information to find answers.   The New Wandering Mind […]

Humanizing Disruptions in IBPAP HR Summit

IT-BPM players must be adaptable and navigable to technological changes in the workplace, and resilient amid disruptions.   Infotech Disruptions, Outsourcing Converge in Human Resources Gab   TeleDevelopment, IT-BPM Partners […]

Mobile Recruitment: Luring Talents in the Techie Age

With mobile recruitment, it may now be easier to reach ob candidates – but at the same time has made the task of recruiting a lot trickier.   Mobile Recruits: […]

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