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Top IT Jobs: Software Engineers, Data Analysts

Software Engineers, Data Analysts/Scientists
Most Wanted for IT Titans, Tech Disruptors


Computer Science Skill, 6-Yr Experience Most In-Demand


MANILA, 31 July 2017 — Software engineers as well as data analysts and data scientists are the most sought-after jobs in the information technology market, according to a recent survey of over 8,200 job postings and over 70,000 resumés that high-value startups and established tech companies have been looking for.

Paysa defined titans as public companies that had their initial public offering (IPO) most than 10 years ago and a current valuation of over $100 billion, and tech disruptors as privately held or public companies that had an IPO within the last 10 years and a current valuation of over $10 billion.

Software engineers were most in demand from both titans and tech disruptors, including Airbnb, Facebook, Snap Inc (Snapchat), Twitter, Uber, Amazon, Apple, Google, and Oracle, according to the survey. It said the notable exception was Microsoft, which had slightly more openings for product experts and advisers.

Data and Disruptors

Together with those for data analysts and data scientists, job openings on positions for software engineers have been most in demand in four out of the five tech disruptors, and three of the titans. Paysa said all 10 tech disruptors and titans have been growing quickly, yet Amazon overtook the rest in 2016 by a large margin, posting nearly six times as many jobs as Microsoft, its nearest competitor.

But it said Amazon’s high rate of talent acquisition mighty not actually indicate a higher rate of company growth. It said Amazon has also been known for its high employee turnover, ranking in 2013 as having the second highest turnover rate of any Fortune 500 company.

Based on the number of employees, Amazon is also twice the size of other high-value companies analyzed, so an elevated hiring rate might just be a product of normal employee turnover, Paysa said.

Python and Java

Both titans and tech startups mostly need those with mad skills in computer science and experience of about 6 years, Paysa revealed.

For tech startups, following computer science are skills in infrastructure, management, and analysis. Coding languages most often mentioned in job requirements included Python, C, and Java, the survey said. But for titans, following computer science skills specifically in Java, C, Oracle, and Python are skills in management and software development.

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